Finance or Civil Engineer Degree - Project Manager for a Real Estate Developer

<p>I'm looking to get a job as a Project Manager for a real estate development firm.</p>

<p>Will a Finance degree get me a foot in the door with a development company? Am I better off going for an engineering degree? My math skills aren't strong. I haven't seen a math class in 8 years, I just finished my 8 year contract with the Marines. Even after graduating I wouldn't want to work as an engineer per se. I would look forward to the project management aspect offered by a degree in CE. </p>

<p>Should I go for a Finance degree or a Civil Engineer degree? My ultimate goal is to become a project manager, gain experience, knowledge and contacts and start my own development company? Thanks for the replies guys.</p>

<p>If you suck at math stay away from finance and CE, especially anything that has to do with “engineering”</p>

<p>I can get by calculus by putting in lots of hours and effort. It’s the calc 2, calc 3, advaned math, physics 1 & 2 that I can’t stand. Finance isn’t as math heavy as engineering.</p>

<p>Lots of Finance programs have Real Estate classes and specializations…</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump…bump bump</p>