Finance or Compsci?

I got into UNC as a compsci major, but I’m now having some second thoughts. My parents have been talking a lot about me majoring in finance, and how good Carolina’s business program is. I’m interested in finance and computer science, and don’t really strongly prefer one over the other. Does anyone have some insight into the finance and compsci departments at UNC?

I think you should pick based on your career interest, not the majors at the college or what your parents are pushing for. UNC is going to be fine for both. Most people would definitely have a preference between the two if they researched and understood the day to day activities & types of people/ environment you’d work in.

Don’t let your parents push you into a career just because you don’t have a strong preference.

Also, don’t you apply to the B-school after you start at UNC?

Finally, computational and quantitative skills are very important in finance now if you want to make really good money and still have a life.

If you major in CS, you can always pick up a finance grad degree later. More difficult to reverse the sequence.