Finance related jobs


<p>I really like math and econ but I'm not really the agressive and competitive type (from what I heard those are the ppl who succeed in I-banking and wall street)</p>

<p>Are there any jobs finance-related that gets me pretty decent wages, decent working hours and not an obscene amount of stress? thanks</p>

<p>Asset management, equity research, risk management.</p>

<p>anything else? Are those jobs related to actuaries?</p>

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<p>Those are not related to actuarial science. Actuarial science isn't really "finance".</p>

<p>You don't have to be ultra-competitive and aggressive to succeed in IB and S&T - at the very least, however, you should be interested in the job if you are not driven by money/competition. </p>

<p>I would recommend looking into S&T (not prop trading) but perhaps something like derivatives or rates. Beyond that, I agree with the above poster - equity research and asset management are definitely solid opportunities as well. Finally, operations and control can provide a pretty decent living and is not as in-your-face as front office positions such as IB, etc.</p>

<p>PM me if you have any other questions.</p>


Actuarial science isn't really "finance".


<p>It is finance. Actuaries price insurance products, in some sense it is even more complicated than financial products. In its cashflow projection, it needs to factor in probability of death, accident, various other events. They also use different interest rate scenarios if the product they are pricing has investment component. Actuaries work with complicated models to project mortality rates. Many actuaries become investment officers for insurance companies.</p>

<p>As an actuary, you would work for an insurance company, not for an investment bank. It is a very difficult profession and very math intensive. I personally hated the work. When I moved to structure MBS, I found the work to be easier and a lot more enjoyable, but my hours were a lot longer.</p>