Finances/Computer Science Colleges


I am wondering if anyone out here has any college recommendations for me as I am looking for a career path into Finances (most likely as an Accountant) and a Computer Science path.

If anyone can help me out, or give recommendations for schools that are specific and/or have good programs for those career paths please let me know!


What are your stats? Unweighted GPA, test scores, number of honors/AP courses? Annual budget? Home State?


To the OP, I think an understanding of accounting is a great idea for any undergrad that wants to go into business, law or computer science. Many business software applications are feeding the client’s accounting system, so understanding accounting will give a young CS major a leg up in interviewing and on the job.

Well, I am currently a sophmore in high school so ACT/SAT scores are unavailable as of now. My unweighted GPA is 3.8, as of now I’m only taking 1 honor course, but for my junior year I’m planning to take more AP/IB courses, my annual budget I’m looking to take out a student loan of about 50k+. My home state is Missouri.

I’m just looking to get a early start and glimpse as to what is available as of now.

Thank you for some recommendations, I will be sure to check them out!

I am currently in Accounting 2 and Marketing 101 so I have some general idea as to business type world. I’m taking these courses as a sophmore in high school, so that’s great to know that gives me a major leg up! Thanks for input! I’m just looking to build 2 careers at once since they go a little bit hand in hand when it comes to jobs.

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