financial aid again

<p>Does UNC financial aid go strictly by income? Is it possible to get some type of financial aid OOS you are plain middle class? We applied to Emory and did not receive any aid except for loans. UNC is less money so I am worried that we will not receive any money here either.</p>

<p>They meet 100% of demonstrated need using the FAFSA and the CSS profile. That is not just income but assets and investments. Emory has a plan now that is supposed to limit loans. If you did your FA forms you should know what your EFC is and that is a good predictor of what they expect you to pay.</p>

<p>Hey NewJerseyMom,
In state, not OOS mom, but still on pins and needles about finaid as well. Can really only offer sympathy and companionship.
Sure wish the info. was already in hand. Hate to see D falling more in love (during alumni reception) while not having all the money worked out.
EFC for us indicates perhaps a small bit of aid, and daughter says not to worry because she has friends with higher incomes and assets who received some money. But I am clueless as to whether that's really true, or whether that's just kids talking.
Checked with school earlier about non-custodial form requirements (since daughter's dad didn't fill one out) and was told the lack of a non-custodial form wasn't a problem. But the school's use of Profile seems to indicate that assets are considered. In what way, it's unclear. Hope you used that "other information" area on the Profile to good use.
So far, the school has always delivered more than they promised. Let's just hope that state motto holds up, and we have time to ponder the numbers before deadlines.</p>

<p>I plan on calling the office when they open today. I was wondering if students who are named Carolina Scholars are the ones that were invited to scholarship day or are these additional scholarships?</p>

<p>I believe the Carolina Scholars were awared after coming to scholarship day, but I wish I was wrong about that for our sakes, too. It comes down to what UNC will do in order to attract excellent OOS students. I realize the taxpayers of North Carolina should put their kids first, but UNC supposedly has a very large endowment, too.</p>

<p>I have added news. Carolina Scholars is not an award given as a result of being invited to scholarship day. If you receive this, it will appear on your financial aid award letter. I found out that I was "randomly" selected for income verification and have to send them my signed tax return. So, we will not be finding out about an award on Monday.</p>

<p>Does that mean a Carolina Scholars award is to any extent need-based versus merit-based? Or is the FA office making merit awards as a part of the FA process?</p>

<p>I got my CCI grant letter today (in-state), which is a small component of financial aid but still helpful. My EFC was right on the bubble at $16k and they're giving me a $1,500 grant so that's got my hopes up a little bit.</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>NJMom- Did your "added news" come from your phone call to the FA office? If so, great; maybe there is hope for us middle class OOS folks yet! I have never heard that Carolina Scholar was anything other than a merit award through admissions. Did they also tell you when letters are going out? Monday, or sooner? Coincidentally, we will be making campus visit Monday and Tuesday. We plan to stop by FA, so maybe they can tell us something.</p>

<p>Invitation to Cloying: eadad is the expert on Morehead-Cain, but I consider you to be an expert on Carolina Scholars. As a prolific poster, care to weigh in on this?</p>

<p>meju - Yes, I found out about Carolina Scholars through my phone call. However, I also found out that I was picked for verification through this phone call and had I not called I would have been waiting and waiting next week. Now I may have to wait up to two weeks for my financial aid decision. They knew on the 31st that I had been selected for verification but never contacted me.</p>

<p>My D is a Carolina Scholar, and I think there is some confusion on Carolina Scholars verses Carolina Covenant? Carolina Scholars candidates are all invited to Scholarship day and receive notification of award within a week or so of attending Scholarship day. Carolina Scholars scholarships are strictly Merit based. Here's what's on the UNC website: "Carolina Scholars Awards Program represents the most academically competitive of scholarships sponsored by the University. In addition to superior academic achievement, self-direction and motivation for learning are the chief criteria for selection. The program provides recipients with faculty mentors, leadership experience, and other academic enrichment opportunities. Recipients from North Carolina receive renewable awards of $7,500 per year; those from out-of-state will receive an award equivalent to the cost of tuition, fees, room and board."
Here's the intro. to Carolina Covenant on website: "The Carolina Covenant is a University commitment to make it possible for low-income students to graduate from Carolina debt-free." There's lots more to read about merit and need-based aid on the UNC website, under scholarships and aid.</p>

<p>I definitely asked the woman about Carolina Scholars and not Carolina Covenant. Apparently, from your response, she misunderstood me. I know about the Carolina Covenant and know we do not qualify.</p>

<p>The Johnston's scholarships are merit and need based, maybe that's what she meant? There are also other scholarships with lots of different names that do just show up on people's FA package. D has several friends who ended up receiving some scholarship money and grant money in their FA package. All these kids are "middle class" kids. They all received the laptop grants as well. Carolina is pretty good at finding money vs. loans; at least that is the experience of several of our friends, both IS and OSS. We have a friend who is well paid exec. w/ 5 kids; 3 in college now. Carolina gave scholarships and grants for his D there, his other kids' colleges only offered loans.</p>

<p>Well, that's more encouraging news; thanks, uncwife&mom. Maybe UNC will come through for us after all, despite our high EFC.</p>

<p>So what's supposed to happen on Monday?</p>

<p>Monday? The Carolina Tar Heels will once again be NCAA National Champions!!!
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
I did want to add one thing. There probably will be a few cases of kids who have been awarded merit or merit/need based scholarships turning them down for other college offers. Many of D's fellow Carolina Scholars received offers from several schools. I know of 2 kids in our community now that are still trying to decide on offers they've recieved. I believe they've got until May 1 as well to accept scholarships. These scholarships would in most cases be re-awarded. (re-awarded? -Is this a word?)
Best Wishes to all.</p>

<p>FYI -- When I went to the first Scholarship Day this year, someone asked about Carolina Scholar awards being "re-awarded" if some of the ones offered were not accepted. The answer from the scholarship officials present was that they initially offer more than they anticipate being accepted in order to get a certain "yield" of acceptances and do not re-offer the ones which are turned down.</p>

<p>Touche', UNCw&m. We'll be cheerin' for 'em! Heck, we'll be in CH for the game...</p>

<p>Are you familiar with how UNC works the FA methodology for OOS?</p>

<p>soyboy, right, I do remember hearing that about Carolina Scholars and I think I remember Morehead is same way. In my last post, I should have stated "some" not "most" scholarships would be "re-awarded". Not positive on details, (it's been a long year) but I remember a discussion on some of the other merit scholarships; for example, if you were awarded $2500 merit per year and later they came back with $5000 merit scholarship, you could not keep both. You would have to decline the $2500. I think I remember hearing that these would be given out again? </p>

<p>merkur-I don't know much about OOS FA, we're IS and luckily w/ D's Carolina scholarship, plus a nice size local merit 4 yr. scholarship, we didn't have to worry w/FA. She did, much to our pleasant surprise, also recieve laptop grant.<br>
According to OOS friend who's S is also a freshman this year, they got grant money, about $1000 more than they were expecting (based on FAFSA), over & above that, he also got laptop grant.<br>
With all the money flying out the door last year for graduation stuff, gifts, parties, graduation trip, etc. then all the dorm room stuff, it was nice not having to come up w/ additional $1500-$2000 for a laptop!
-Look back at last year's threads, many kids got these laptop grants.</p>

<p>-Also, just FYI; any merit money from Carolina is deducted from total FA that you might qualify for. Outside Merit awards are not deducted.</p>

<p>Hmmm...letter received today from CCI: no laptop grant, but low interest loan offered. Does this foretell no need demonstrated? Any possibility of merit aid, and is the Johnston foreclosed by no need?</p>

<p>hey merkur are u instate?</p>