Financial Aid and Parent getting married

I filed the Fafsa in the fall of 2017 for this upcoming 2018/19 school year. I will be entering my senior year. If my mom gets remarried this fall (2018). Will it affect my awards? I have already received my awards package from the university.


Not for this year, but if she marries before you file for the following year, it will. You file based on the status on the day of filing. If you file on Oct 1 and she marries on Oct 2, she’s single when filing.


The OP is entering her senior year of undergrad college.

The parent marital status won’t affect her at all unless she is still an undergrad 2019-2020 school year OR attends a professional school that requires parent info on the FAFSA…which some medical and law schools DO require.

ok, thank you. i thought one has to update and change the FAFSA if changes like that occur

^^no you dont