Financial Aid and Scholarships

<p>I love BU and would love to there. The downside is the price. I was wondering in your opinion does BU give decent financial aid and what stats it takes to get a scholarship. Thanks!</p>

<p>Sign up for the BU mailing list. If you do they send out this amazing fin aid/scholarship packet/brochure thing. It really does help :)</p>

<p>Alright will do. I kept getting emails about the president's scholarship. I hope this is good. Also I've heard the quickie jobs are good. Can you shed some light on these?</p>

<p>bump..any other thoughts?</p>

<p>One data point from last year - 1450/2190 SAT and 3.7/4.0 GPA, private, OOS school - 50% tuition scholarship. Again, one data point. Even with the half ride, S ended up going somewhere else for less. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>D's stats were something like 2060/2400 SAT, 32 for the ACT blah blah, OOS from 30,000+ in grants...she is a Terrier and loves it. In the college of engineering...was not her first choice, actually didn't like the school at first, kept going back to visit...loves it now....she is so happy there! even with the 30,000+ grants, it's tough for us but we will make it happen. Good luck</p>

<p>Thank you! Yeah it's funny I got a thing in the mail today about aid and scholarships! Based on that, if I got in, I would have a little over 20,000.</p>