Financial aid and stepparents?

<p>I'm currently in the process of filling out my FAFSA and I made it to the parental information. I live with my dad, I moved from my moms to his house in August 2011 so, I lived with my mom for the majority of the year. Now my first question is since I didn't live with my dad for the majority of the year do I only fill out my mother's information?</p>

<p>My next question is, if I have to fill out my dad's information, do I need to fill out my stepmom's information also. My dad is remarried legally. However, my stepmother lives in Virginia and me and my dad live in New Jersey. If anyone can help that would be great.</p>

<p>If you lived with your mom during most of 2011, you use your mom's information on the FAFSA (and her spouse if she has one...). Your mom was your custodial parent for 2011 because you lived with her most of the time. Your dad's info will NOT go on this year's FAFSA at all.</p>

<p>BUT next year...if you continue to have your dad as your permanent address and reside with him when you are not in college...HE will be your custodial parent for next year when you do the FAFSA for your sophomore year in college. When that happens you are REQUIRED to include both his income/assets AND those of his wife's. It does not matter where his spouse could be still will have to include her income/assets when your dad becomes your custodial parent.</p>

<p>Agreed, you would use your mom's info for this year's FAFSA. But next year, if your dad and his wife consider themselves separated (legally or informally) and live separately, then you would just use your dad's info for FAFSA. If they aren't separated but simply live apart for work or other reasons, then use both.</p>