Financial Aid Appeal

<p>so i need to appeal the financial aid packages i recieved for the schools i applied.</p>

<p>would it be better to write a letter or make a telephone call?</p>

<p>Has anyone had any luck with doing an appeal? Also, what did you include in your letter? Did you email or snail mail? Thanks!</p>

<p>I spoke with Emory and it quickly became clear that they would not up their offer (or lack of offer) for financial aid. They told me that they took everything into account, but if I wanted to appeal I (1) would need to do it in writing (2) provide additional information not submitted on the FAFSA and Profile (3) itemize all expenses not otherwise reported.</p>

<p>In my case, I visited the financial aid office and spoke with a representative about my family's situation and circumstances.</p>

<p>Given that I'm a reasonably articulate person, I probably made a good impression: ended up with the maximum reward.</p>

<p>Still not enough, but it helps to speak to a human being and communicate your needs, if they are pressing.</p>

<p>I was told flat out that the school/s had no money left. Which is probably bull.</p>

<p>I have talk to JHU FA adviser, he is very rude and give no advise. I asked about if they take into consideration for my other son's private school tuition. He said he did. But he gave me an comment was it is my choice to send my son to an expensive school, there are many less expensive school out there with the students still make it into JHU. He also suggested my son to look into other schools that accepted him with better aid package. What do you think about that?</p>

<p>I wrote an email to Princeton and explained that my dad's going bankrupt and they gave me $2000 a year more (on top of 40k worth of grants)!</p>

<p>i appealed my son's award (which was $0) unless you include the standard unsubsidized loan of $3500 and was awarded $4,000.</p>

<p>you need to lay out competing offers in a nice polite letter and sometimes it will work.</p>

<p>good luck.</p>