financial aid applicant international

<p>I am an international applicant applying for financial aid.
So far I have only submitted the cornell financial aid application along with the required documents listed on that application and CSS. I have not been asked to submit any further information ever since. I just wonder if all cornell ask for f.a. applicants is listed on their application???
Has anyone here received further instruction with their financial aid application?? Or should people be expected to it??</p>

<p>I am just terribly worried that this might be in indication of ......??</p>

<p>i applied for FA too and i’m an international… as long as cornell doesn’t e-mail you asking for further documentation, you do not need to do anything. you can also check the financial assistance status on the Self Help service.</p>

<p>Basically you have to send documentation that can proove you parents earnings. I’m an american citizen but I live in Haiti and my mom is also Haitian. We had to send her employeer’s letter a non filing statement because she doesnt file for U.S. taxes and my dad’s death certificate to explain why my family was a single source income plus an additionnal letter where my mother outlined all her sources of income in the year 2009 and 2010.
If you cant proove your parents earning, your financial aid notice will be delayed and you might not get it in time to compare to other schools.</p>