Financial Aid at grad schools?

<p>I'm a senior in High School and plan to begin attending a University next year. Once I'm finished, I'm probably going to go on to get a 6 or 8-year degree.</p>

<p>In general, are schools more generous towards grad students than undergrads? Will they still be expecting parents to pay for a significant amount of the cost, or will they only take the student's contributions into account when doing financial aid?</p>


<p>Grad school is totally different than undergrad. Grad programs don't "do financial aid" like colleges do.</p>

<p>PhD students are usually funded by means of an assistantship or fellowship. Programs offer these awards to their top applicants. That means tuition is fully covered, and a living stipend is provided.</p>

<p>If you choose to enroll in a program that does not offer you funding, then you, personally, will be expected to pay for it all somehow. But taking that option would be silly. The general rule is: Follow the Money.</p>

<p>Your parents have nothing to do with this -- you'll be an adult.</p>

<p>Although IMHO there is no reason for you to be thinking about this at your age, if you have any other grad school questions, read the Grad School 101 thread for basic info.</p>