Financial Aid at Haverford

<p>My #3 is currently a junior. We recently attended a college fair and Haverford caught his eye. It looks like it might be a good fit for him. However, the tuition is on the high side. I looks as if they don't offer merit aid, only need based. Does anyone know if they offer decent need based aid or does their definition of need differ greatly from what comes up on FAFSA?</p>


<p>Their financial aid is excellent, as they gurentee to meet demonstrated need--not very different than the EFC from the FAFSA. Most Divison III schools do not give out merit aid, so keep that in mind. However, merit aid does sometimes affect how much need based aid you get at other schools.</p>

<p>Hope this helps a bit.</p>

<p>Thanks - that does help. Their info lent me to believe they didn't have a lot and that didn't make much sense. However, a lot of Division III schools give merit aid, just not the ones at the very top of the heap.</p>