Financial Aid at MoHo

I would really like to know whether mt holyoke gives good financial aid package and scholarships. It is one of my top choices and I would love to go there if I get accepted with goo aid as my family is not that wealthy as compared to many who attend MHC.
Also is it worth apply ED there?

It doesn’t so much matter whether a particular school tends to give “good” financial or merit aid, so much as what YOU would qualify from there. A good start for you would be to get out parental 2019 tax forms, add up assets, and fill out MOHO’s and other schools’ you might be considering , Net Price Calculators. Use the ones on each school’s website. If there is not a divorce situation, no family business, no unusual situation, you can find out about where you stand in getting financial aid from a given school.

Look at what merit possibilities are there too, but understand that usually merit reduces finanacial need before the aid package is calculated.

What net price is the family willing and able to pay? How much can student contribute? $5500 in Direct loans are available to students for freshman year.

Don’t apply ED if your looking for merit aid.

To add to what @Veryapparent said, it won’t hurt need-based financial aid to apply ED. But if you’ve run the NPC and know that you don’t have enough need to get the price where you want it, and you’re counting on merit, then ED will likely hurt you.

I’m late to this thread, but I go to MHC and felt like I should let you know my experience.
I ran the NPC before applying and it was estimating $13k plus loans, but once I was accepted w/ merit scholarships & need based aid it ended up being about $4k plus loans. This semester/year my bill is actually negative because it took out room & board.