Financial Aid at Reed

<p>From the statistics I've been looking at, Reed doesn't seem to be that great in the financial aid department. Accordng to the Princeton Review, only 52% of undergrads receive need-based aid, and Reed doesn't offer merit scholarships. Still, I'm convinced Reed is the perfect school for me. Could anyone share their fin aid experience?</p>

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<p>This might give you an idea..</p>

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<p>D's initial offer covered our full need with a combination of an institutional grant and gov't loans; then she was awarded a $4000/yr private scholarship (not from Reed) and, instead of subtracting that from her Reed grant, Reed generously applied that to the loan portion of her financial aid award. Thus, she'll graduate in four years with NO loans. We pay our family EFC (about $9000/yr), which was figured on a combo of FAFSA and Profile calculations. So, yeah, we are very pleased with Reed's FA. As stated in Reed's official publications, the college would LOVE to be able to offer need-blind acceptances, but they can't afford it. So instead, Reed has to turn down a few borderline applicants who would have needed FA. And you're right, Reed does not offer merit awards -- they aren't interested in subsizing wealthy families.</p>

<p>Reed is excellent with it financial aid. look at this link to see some statistics:<br>
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<p>while reed doesn't offer any merit aid outright, it does offer scholarships to its top students to replace loans and workstudy.</p>

<p>if you have any special problems or expenses, they will work with you. so don't discount reed if you really want to go.</p>

<p>My d just received acceptance from Reed. I should feel great, but the financial aid offer is so low that I am shocked. A few hundred dollars in grants and several thousand in loans, the total amounting to less than 10% of costs. I have in front of me a table published by Reed showing, for example, that a family with income of $90,000 received an average $24,000 in financial aid for this year. Since we make much less than that, I am surprised and saddened. The aid package is so far from what we, perhaps in ignorance, expected, that I don't see how this can be worked out.</p>

<p>shazam: Email and/or call and ask about the financial justification for the package? What was your EFC?</p>

<p>I thought mine was quite generous. I haven't seen the package yet, since I'm at a friend's house. But my parents sounded please. Our EFC is probably really low because I'm living in a less developed country now, so my parents don't get paid a lot. FYI I got a 23k grant, and a 4k loan.
However, I still need to submit my FAFSA, so maybe they can boost it up :)
I'm just so excited now, that I got in</p>

<p>Any idea about financial aid for international students???</p>

<p>Shazam: The other thing to point out is that an average number is just that -- an average. It means that some people recieved more, and some less. Really, without knowing more of your circumstance, no one can guess why you got the aid you did. However, my experience with the financial aid office is that they are very candid, forthcoming, and responsive. I would suggest you call them and ask about it.</p>

<p>I wish I knew how much aid I got! They sent me a letter saying I needed to send more information due to family circumstances, but I hope that I'll get plenty of aid...</p>

<p>Reed met our EFC as well with subsidized loans , grants and work study.</p>

<p>If your EFC isn't close to being met- I would wonder if there wasn't a missing piece somewhere- ae they missing any forms?</p>

<p>I am an international student. I got accepted at reed under ED and I've received a letter showing tentative FA awarded to me. It is just great. The total aid (which includes grants, loans and employment) covers about 95% of total cost for a year.
I should say reed is generous towards int'l students.</p>