Financial Aid Award

<p>Uggh. Looks like Providence is out, which is a shame because it was dd's #2 choice. Besides my efc, which I totally expected, there is a gap of about $14,000, not to mention the loans that are a part of the fiancial aid award. I would be financing in loans about $29145 a year. Thankfully, she already has full tuition scholarships to two other schools. She got the half tuition one at Providence. I had a feeling it was not going to be good news when they sent a flyer a few weeks ago outlining some of the ways parents have paid for their students. Heck, no, I am not willing to take out a second mortgage. Until two years ago, I was making less than the amount they want me to pay yearly for school. (Divorce and then I went back to school, so while I make better money now, I am also paying loans for me, too.)</p>

<p>Sorry, I just need to vent a little. Daughter and I both really liked Providence.</p>

<p>I hope you read my comments in the "PC--Dream School" thread. Thank God she has better offers on the table. NO SCHOOL is worth crushing debt--and I am a PC-loving alumnus!!</p>

<p>yeah i agree. luckily i have five other comparable schools with better aid packages. so, i am following madad's advice and going elsewhere! (:</p>

<p>That is the big question .... </p>

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<p>MADad, I did read your post. In fact, I think I even called my daughter's attention to it before we ever got the financial aid letter. I have read a few posts here and there, and it seems like Providence is all over the map on their awards. I read one person saying they were given generous aid, and another saying Providence's pkg. was the worst one they got. </p>

<p>DD has come to terms with the fact that she may be going to the state university. She received full tuition from them, so even if we get nothing else from them, it will still be far, far less out of pocket. She also has full tuition from another state's public university, and their room and board is very reasonable. She is still waiting on pkgs. from those schools, plus three otherprivate schools. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her first choice (which she has't even received an admission decision on yet-it's regular decision). It was just kind of a shock to have such a huge gap from Providence, kwim? I'm feeeling much better today, and so is she. We were both pretty darn cranky yesterday, though.</p>

<p>Telling my daughter that we cannot afford to send her to a Catholic college or university may end up being the hardest "no" I will have to deliver. :( My daughter has been accepted to three of our state universities, but she has her heart set on going to a Catholic university. She was crushed at the news that Providence is out of reach. I am praying the other ones she applied to will come much closer to meeting our needs.</p>

<p>D3 Received her strongest FA offer to date from Providence College. Pretty pleased, but still waiting on her top schools to respond.</p>