Financial Aid Awards Posted

<p>Check your myUM account, my financial aid award was just posted today.</p>

<p>Looks like I'll be crossing UM off my list, because I was only awarded $8000 in "financial aid" - $6500 in loans and $1500 in work study. My EFC is NO WHERE near the cost of attendance.</p>

<p>lol 3500 in loans. no way will i take a loan...</p>

<p>well mine says nothing... i guess thats what happens when you don't apply for financial aid</p>

<p>I got I believe 5k in loans but also got a 16K Grant (not scholarship, Two U Miami Grants and a Foudners Grant) and also 4k in Work study IIRC, so that's actually not too bad.</p>

<p>hyakku we're applying to the same schools i think...USC?</p>

<p>Yezzir we are lol. Here's hoping for both of us, though I love The U, USC is my #1 .</p>

<p>me too! its my number one version 3 (after #1 v1 and #1 v2 rejected me lol)</p>

<p>but screw them, i'm on to good schools now!</p>

<p>um, yeah...UM is definitely off my list too, unless of course my parents can cough up an extra $17,091 (?!?!?) from somewhere.</p>

<li>this is more than 1/3 of my family's income. ( We also have 6 people in our family) haha oh, well.</li>

<p>I sympathize with you Hopefully.. I would have to pay the full cost of attendance, which would be more than half of my family's annual income.</p>

<p>Wow, I thought I had it bad!</p>

<p>Yall are lucky you even know your decision haha. I'm still waiting for mine. ARGH. It could be 2 weeks till I know...or longer.</p>

<p>What good is it to know that you're in, when you can't afford to go Jeremy? Not much.</p>

<p>I hope it helps, Monday I'm going to let them know I'm not planning on enrolling, maybe it'll free up space!</p>

<p>where is the financial aid award posted? i mean where on the myUM account?</p>

<p>kal -</p>

<p>go to your UM homepage; then on top, click on "Student" and you'll get two links - one for Academic, one for Financial. Click on "Financial." In the middle of the next page there's a group of links related to "Financial Information," including a link for "Current Awards." Click on Current Awards, then select the following term: "Fall & Spring 2008-2009." Click "Submit" and you'll see your financial aid awards for next year.</p>

<p>thanks bruce!!</p>

<p>I got 11K for a trustee scholarship, it came in the admissions packet.</p>

<p>I got no scholarship, but 28 k in total financial aid (Grants, loans, work study)</p>

<p>But im still probably gonna have to cross it off because the cost of attendance is near 50 k</p>

<p>Achilles1211 -"But im still probably gonna have to cross it off because the cost of attendance is near 50 k"</p>

<p>At least............ =(</p>

<p>I got $23,032 per year in Grants/scholarships (Bright Futures, FL-resident access grant, and Dean's Scholarship). I also got a loan, but my parents really want to avoid one.</p>

<p>It's still expensive though, and my parents said they would support whichever decision I make, but made it clear they would much rather prefer the full ride I received at the state universities in Florida.</p>