Financial Aid Calculator

<p>How accurate or close to the actual amount are they? For example, I used the UCSD calculator and it said I would get about $15,000 in grant money and for USC about $30,000.</p>

<p>The UCSD NPC calculator appears to only be for instate students. As you've mentioned before, you're OOS. That grant estimate likely includes Cal Grants and other aid that is only for instate students.</p>

<p>Net Price Calculator
Welcome to the UC San Diego Financial Aid Net Price Calculator!

<p>The net price calculator is for prospective and current undergraduate, dependent, California resident students living in on-campus residence halls. By answering a few simple questions, the calculator will present you with an early estimate of your full-time 2011–2012 cost of attendance and financial aid at UC San Diego.</p>

<p>However, maybe the website has another NPC for OOS students to use? I tried to find another one, but didn't. It seems odd to only have one for instate students.</p>