financial aid change

<p>Ok so when I submitted my app for admission I indicated that I wasn't going to apply for financial aid. But now circumstances have changed and I'm going to need to there any way I can get it changed?</p>

<p>It's probably not too late to submit an app for financial aid right now. But even if it is, it's never too late to change the package. I remember my freshmen year, I got my financial aid package completely changed the july before classes started when I told the FA office of a drastic change in circumstances.</p>

<p>ok so should I just email the financial aid office? or wait till I get into the university (I'm a regular decision applicant)</p>

<p>Definitely contact the financial aid office ASAP (email or phone) and ask about procedures for applying for FA and changing your application to reflect that. </p>

<p>From what the FA office website says, you haven't missed any deadlines for actually applying for FA since both the CSS Profile and the FAFSA are listed as due March 1st for RD applicants. There are also a couple of other forms due either march 1st or 15th as well. So as long as you alert Duke to your intentions for applying for financial and complete those forms in time I think you are fine.</p>

<p>thank you so much!</p>