Financial Aid Crisis

<p>OMG! I just realized I missed the financial aid deadline…omg!..omg!omg! there any way to send it still…I always throught for some reason it was due march 1st
I dont know why
oh no!..would it be too late if I sent in everything this friday?
oh no!</p>

<p>I would first call the financial aid office and explain this dilemma. Listen to what they tell you. I would also try to quickly fill out the forms as soon as possible and send it in asap. It would probably be considered pretty late, but I would think that the financial aid office would help you out...Good luck! and try not to panic.</p>

<p>Calm down and call them. I am almost positive that this deadline is one that dictates more of a "first come, first-served" situation, not a "drop dead" final deadline. I seem to remember the fin aid website saying things like if you did not get it in by the deadline you could not be "guaranteed" for fin aid consideration, not that you would be shut out completely.</p>

<p>Get it in ASAP...I bet this is not as bad as you think.</p>

<p>Best to you!</p>

<p>Yes, maybe try to fax those forms tomorrow morning after talking to thm. More faster right.</p>

<p>I sent in a form late last year too, and it was fine. I still got plenty of money. Do call the FinAid office so that they'll start a file for you and then get your info in ASAP. Don't stress. It will all work out! Our FinAid office is amazing!</p>

<p>Moonbright, what happened with your fin aid situation? Did you get it resolved/submitted?</p>