financial aid cynicism

<p>My parents and relatives are very cynical about the whole financial aid process. I'm applying to Columbia ED and other ivy league schools, which are all need-blind, but my parents don't believe they are really need-blind. They think that they just say that because they have to, and look how "convenient" it is that the financial aid office is in the same office as admissions. They say that if you check off applying for financial aid, it will put you at a disadvantage, because they will take people with similar stats who don't apply for financial aid over you. They even want me to check off not-applying for financial aid on my application, even though I really am/ I don't listen to this nonsense, but I want to know what your opinions on it are.</p>

<p>Also, do you guys know how generous financial aid is at columbia, esp. for early decision?</p>

<p>My Columbia package was actually better than the one I got from Cornell, and similar to my Vassar package (which is known for being generous). It was dwarfed by the NYU package but that's only because NYU offers merit aids. </p>

<p>The financial aid office actually isn't in the same location as the office of admissions. Admissions is in Hamilton Hall and SFS is in Lerner and Kent. But I know what you mean - the mailing address for both is the same.</p>