Financial Aid - Early Action

Does anyone know when financial packages will be sent for early action admits? When have they been posted in the past?

Okay. I figured it out. I found it in my portal in case anyone wanted to know.

Where? I looked around but I dont think mine is up yet

I am pretty sure it is preliminary.

But login to My Chapman → Student Center → Under Finances Click the drop-down menu → Pending Financial Aid.

It also says this “Please note: Pending Financial Aid reflects only accepted financial aid. Your aid becomes official when you receive your award letter from the Financial Aid Office.”

So it is not official.


Oh okay I see. Wow.I have an EFC of 0 and I got the Presidential Scholarship (32k/year) and my total aid is 51k leaving me having to pay like 20k. Lol that is a loottt!

Okay. Yeah, I am in a similar situation. I got the Pres. scholarship too. I’m hoping the aid improves before it’s finalized. Let’s hope b/c it is a lot. I actually noticed that the Chapman Grant has decreased since I looked at it the first time. lol