Financial Aid - ED2 vs RD

Hi everyone, I am a senior who applied RD to GW back in October. At the time, GW was my number 2 school but since then, it has become a solid #1 and am really hoping I get in. Recently, a friend of mine got in ED1. This friend has a nearly identical financial profile/EC/academics as me. Luckily for him, he got a very high percentage of the net price covered… something I too will need. He told me that he was pretty sure they give more money (merit specifically) to those who apply ED. Is there any truth to this? I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I call on the 4th to make the switch to ED2.

I don’t know how GW disburses merit aid…some schools actually give less merit aid to ED applicants…using merit $ for EA/RD students who may need an incentive to decide to attend the school.

Have you run GW’s net price calculator? Is it affordable without merit aid? If not, I would keep your app in the RD pool. Net Price Calculator | Office of Student Financial Assistance | Enrollment and the Student Experience | The George Washington University

Note the NPC may not be accurate if your parents are divorced, own a business or own real estate beyond a primary home.

Have you applied to at least one affordable safety school?

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I’ve heard it largely depends on the school, so I figured I’ll call when they reopen in order to get some more clarification.

I have ran the NPC and it’s an o.k number. It’s on the high side of what I could afford but because I’ll be going in with a lot of AP credits I think it would be doable. My dad does own a business so I don’t want to take too much stock in it… it totally makes changes things significantly.

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Personally, I found that GW actually gives less merit aid for ED applicants. I understand there were probably some who did get more, but in terms of folks I talked to after being accepted ED, I heard of nobody getting more than $15,000 in merit aid. The university doesn’t have to incentivize ED applicants to go, so they are less likely to give them aid. My roommates freshman year had similar (if not lower) stats and got between $25,000 and $28,000 in merit aid when they applied RD. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone, but if you have above-average stats I actually think RD applicants get more money because the school wants to convince you to go.