Financial Aid Estimates at various UCs

<p>Are the financial estimates fairly accurate?
My mom still hasn’t filed her tax return yet, but if it is what I submitted on the FAFSA, should the financial aid estimates from the different UCs be accurate?</p>

<p>I was accepted to Davis for the fall quarter, and they estimate that I’ll be able to get ~19,000 financial aid. Me and my parents will have to pay the rest, about 6000.
I was also accepted to San Diego but for the winter quarter. They estimate that I’ll get ~7,500 in financial aid. And my parents and I will have to pay the other 7,500.
Is this out of the ordinary or perfectly normal? For 3 quarters, I would pay less at Davis than 2 quarters at San Diego.</p>

<p>Does anybody remember from when they were a high school senior and hearing from colleges?</p>

<p>I don't get it, so there's financial aid from the school as well as the Cal Grant?</p>


<p>My son's financial aid package was a mix of Pell Grant (federal), Cal Grant (state), school specific scholarships, loans and work study.</p>

<p>OR should I not base my decision on how much I have to pay? Since its not too much of a difference..</p>

<p>Do your homework and find out about how expensive it is to live off campus around the various UC's you have been accepted to. This always comes as a surprise to students.</p>

<p>yeah... same thing. for davis, i got a 12,000 dollar loan, but for san diego, nothing. what the heckk</p>