Financial Aid for BC & NYU?

About how much financial aid do y’all think I can receive? My parents do not want to me (and themselves) taking on 10k on loans per year.

Annual Income: $48-49k

Family of 5

2 sibs in college (both on full rides though)

No fancy house, car, funds, etc., even my house is rent

My dad owns a small (emphasis on small) business, but it’s run by only him (no other employees), and only brings in about $4-6k monthly to our home

Please help me out in estimating my financial options, thanks!

You, or your parents, should try the financial calculator at least to get you in the ball park…Some on the EA thread have said the financial aid package they received from BC was in line with expectations based on the calculator. When you said annual income is ~$48K that did not include your father’s small business? Or, are you saying that your father’s business then brings in an additional ~$5K a month? I ask because $4K - $6K is $48K - $72K and I don’t know if there is enough difference there for it to matter but when you complete the calculator, keep in mind that bad information in will yield bad info out so be as accurate as you can.

There was discussion, although I have no idea how accurate, that BC doesn’t exclude the expenses of a business when determining the income from a small business. Again, I don’t know if this is accurate information but more than one person and they were credible posters and someone said they had spoken to people in financial aid so maybe you give them a call if you have questions.

I apologize, I meant $2-3k

Definitely sit with your parents and run the NPC calculator for a much better estimate that we can provide to you. Good luck.

btw: Unlike BC, NYU does not meet full financial need, so you’d have to earn merit money there to make it affordable.