Financial Aid for ED

<p>Whoever has filled out Part 6, they ask how much you expect from scholarships. Does this mean we should have applied for scholarships already? I haven't and therefore have no idea how much I will get, if any. Someone please help.</p>

<p>Yeah. I want to know this too.</p>

<p>bump, help</p>

<p>I believe they mean OUTSIDE / INDEPENDENT scholarships.......Intel, etc.</p>

<p>When calculating an aid decision, they can subtract this from your need (they make up the need with Penn $$)</p>

<p>Most of them have a deadline of Nov, Jan or later in the Spring (June). You have time for them....but not too long. There are thousands available. Many of the more lucrative ones require substantial essays on very specific topics in addition to the equivalent of a full application booklet of detail on academic honors, SAT, etc. Others just want an email with a response to a question :"Why Vote?", amongst others. The latter will only get you about $500. But, they're easy to add up because they're fast responses. Oh, and MANY many are need based. You're hard pressed to find any that are merit only......someone needs to make a list of them.</p>