Financial aid for independent students?

<p>Anyone have any idea how the financial aid for independents is? (age 24) .I am scared the school would force me to take alot of loans just because i am an independent(0 efc).</p>

<p>I’m 33 and was “forced” to take the low interest loans. All of the grants were capped and I do not qualify for scholarships or merit-based scholarships since I’m a junior transfer. That doesn’t apply to outside scholarships or grants, but my choices in that area were limited. Luckily, I’ve been debt-free for several years, so this isn’t as bad a hit as it could have been. </p>

<p>I wasn’t happy about it either, but I do plan on working (not work study), so I am going to see how much I can make on my own and maybe decline one of the loans next year if it seems workable. Remember, the interest doesn’t start until after graduation and the rate isn’t variable, so you shouldn’t worry too much about compounded interest accruing while at UNC. </p>

<p>Bottom line is that there are limited ways for us older students to pay for college without getting loans. Especially schools like UNC.</p>