Financial Aid for International student?

<p>Does Fordham offer any kind of financial aid for international students? My parents can only afford 25000 USED per year, so I have to consider carefully whether to apply to Fordham or not. My stt:
Hi, I am an international student and really interested in Fordham University . Here are my stats:</p>

<li>Top 20 of my school (2000+)</li>
<li>3.5 GPA</li>
<li>2090 SAT <cr:610 m:770="" w:710=""></cr:610></li>
<li>100 TOEFL</li>

Second English Prize, town’s competition
Consolation Literature Prize, town’s competition
Second English Prize, town’s competition
Young Doctor, by Organization Board of Young Doctoral Competition
Excellent Student, town’s competition
Third Prize, town’s competition</p>

Vice Secretary
Admin of the class theatre club
Core member of the School English Club
Volunteer, Museum of Ethnology
Volunteer, School for Deaf Children
Volunteer, kindergarten for handicapped children
Member, Red Cross
Volunteer, Humanitarian Centre
Member of the Sport and Physical Training Center
Member of the CTY ( Center for Talented Youth ), Johns Hopkins University</p>

<p>If Fordham does have financial aid, do you think I am qualified? Thanks alot</p>

<p>Fordham offers strictly merit aid for international applicants.</p>

<p>Your class rank is very good, your GPA seems fairly low by comparison (I am guessing it is a very competitive school), but your SAT scores are low for merit aid (2100+ is better, 2200+ is best). Good luck.</p>