Financial Aid for International Students. St. Lawrence University

Hi, I am International Student from Tajikistan and I am applying to St. Lawrence. Do you know can I receive financial aid more than 36,000? And what minimum amount of money should I write in my Certification of Finance?


There is NO way anyone can answer your question as written.

Need based aid is based on your financial need…primarily using your parents’ incomes and assets.

Merit aid is based on the strength of your application…SAT or ACT scores and GPA.

St. Lawrence does not guarantee to meet full need for all accepted students. So…how much can your parents pay every year?

Are you a HS senior now?

Yes, I am a High School Senior. My average GPA according educational system in my home country is 5 (= 4 US GPA), my SAT Score is 1340.But I can pay only $10,000 for first year.