Financial aid for international students

I am an international applicant applying for the class of 2025 with financial aid. I am planning on applying to all of the need blind universities but frankly, they are all reaches for me.

So far, the list looks like this:
(All are need blind)

Amherst College

Can anyone suggest some other need aware universities that offer generous financial aid to add to my list please?? I want to apply for computer science major.

Need-blind is immaterial. You are an international applicant who needs aid. Everywhere you apply in the US is a reach except for places that offer automatic admissions and generous automatic aid for your stats. So, run a search here for threads on automatic admission and automatic merit-based aid, and check to see if the places listed offer that to international students or only to domestic students.

When you search for colleges and universities to apply to, make certain that they do offer aid for international students. Even if it is just one big scholarship each year, if you are the one who gets it, that would be all that matters.

What can you afford?

Have you run the NPC on the schools that you will be applying to, and does the NPC predict that they will be affordable?

How strong are your academics compared to other students in your high school?

Well yes, I have better academics than most of the students in my school. I am in the top 5 percentile in my class. We do not have ap’s or gpa. I do have a 1590 in sat. I come from a public school and rarely anyone applies to usa universities from my school, so my academics is decent.

I have run the NPC and it will be very difficult to afford without financial aid or student loans.

Please recommend me some universities that provide some form of aid to international applicants. It will be a huge help.

It is important to always remember how few students from a country may attend some of these elite universities. Harvard does a good job of showing the number by country. If you go to this site and select Show Me = Students; Country = ; At = Harvard College. It is very important that you pick only Harvard College. If you do this for Argentina, you will see that 3 students are currently enrolled. That means that about 1 new students a year attends from the entire country of Argentina. You should do this for your country.

If students from your school don’t often go to the US to study, then you should contact the closest EducationUSA or AMIDEAST office, and talk with the counselors there. They are the experts at helping students from your country find good places to study in the US, and they will know where students like you have been admitted and if those students got the financial aid that they need.