Financial aid for international students

<p>There are occasional questions about financial aid for international students at Swarthmore. Today's Daily Gazette has some info that I had not seen before:</p>

<p>"For international students, however, the situation can be different. Swarthmore chooses to admit only so many internationals as can be funded with 10 percent of all scholarship funds. Some other schools, on the other hand, admit more foreign nationals yet offer them far less aid."</p>

<p>The complete article is here:</p>

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<p>The percentage cap on international aid is a requirement of an endowment gift from decades and decades ago.</p>

<p>I think the College would have to go thru a court procedure to change the codicile...something that hasn't been necessary so far as the 10% limit allows them to enroll a significant international cohort with competitive financial aid.</p>

<p>What I do not understand about the whole admission process in regard to international student aid is if the amount you need really has an IMPORTANT significance over the decision... it is like "We want to offer admission to these internationals, and our first choices will be offered the necessary aid" or will they choose internationals with lower stats over above-average applicants if the firsts will ask for less aid? </p>

<p>I hope you understand my question... it's a follow-up to some rejections from colleges which seemed to be a match for my stats. :-<</p>

<p>It's a great question. However, the reality is that colleges like Swarthmore are extremely selective for international students, regardless of financial aid need.</p>

<p>I believe 68 international students were accepted by Swarthmore for this year's incoming class, out of 790 applicants. That's an acceptance rate of 8.6%, about half of the overall acceptance rate.</p>

<p>I don't begin to understand international admissions, but my strong suspicion is that an established network of feeder schools plays a significant role. For example, when Raffles in Singapore recommends a student to Swarthmore, the track record probably gives Swat's admissions office confidence that the applicant really is a good-fit Swattie.</p>

<p>I don't think the amount matters much.. it's whether you need aid or not..</p>