financial aid for not super poor and not super smart people?

<p>I'm only applying to one private college (USC), I'm probably not gonna go there but I am just wondering about financial aid in general. I'm not that smart and I'm not that poor, so does that mean I can't get any aid if for some reason I get accepted and want to go to USC, or any other private for that matter.</p>

<p>For me considering myself not smart, I don't think I can qualify for any merit thing b/c I only have 660v630m, 4.19high school gpa (3.57 unweighted, 3.7UC), nothing extraordinary.</p>

<p>I don't think I'm that poor b/c my parents can easily afford $20,000 a year for me (which covers UC's + housing, thank God), but USC is like $41,000 a year with housing (gah). Will USC still provide some aid for me, or any other private for that matter.</p>

<p>umm those are good stats</p>

<p>You won't know unless you apply. Good luck in getting merit scholarships. I'm hoping to get some offers too.</p>