Financial Aid For SLU

Hello To All

I got into St. Lawrence ED but I only got 15,000 for financial aid and I sent in a letter to ask for for money and I asked them if they could match what i got from my other colleges which was 30,000 from Roanoke. Will this work ? Please Comment

Not sure of the answer to your question, but I’m happy to hear you were accepted. I know how much you’ve wanted to go there! Good luck with the FA.

I think you have a good chance assuming your stats are good. I’m surprised your offer was so low. My son was accepted last yer with a total of 25K a year in merit money. No financial aid though. He chose another institution.

Ended up doing the same I chose Roanoke because they gave me better aid.

Hey if you don’t mind me asking. How were your stats ? I applied RD with st Lawrence and haven’t heard anything from them. I’m a little worried so I just wanted to ask.