Financial Aid for the Average Student

<p>How is the financial aid package for the average stat student at Washington College? Did the package make this school doable for you, or was it too much of a strain and drain? Stats show that they meet 85% of financial need, which is not all that great, and that they do take home equity into consideration.</p>

<p>I'll be interested in hearing any responses to your question (excepting this one!) My D has applied EA to Washington College. This is technically a safety school for her but it is very high on her list. Knowing that Washington only meets 85% of financial need we are hopeful that the gap between what WAC can offer and what she will likely be offered at the 100%-of-need colleges she has applied to is not too great if this ends up being her first choice.</p>

<p>Just sent a PM to you, hudsonvalley.</p>