Financial aid help

<p>I am 19 turning 20. I made 11.5k last year, my parents are complaining that I made too much and now I won't receive financial aid. My parents don't pay for my university expenses, they only provide me with shelter. When I fill out my FASFA is there any way I can not include them?</p>

<p>Also when I file taxes, should I file independently? How much can I expect from a refund check.</p>

<p>No, for FAFSA, you'll be considered a dependent and need to use your parents info until you're 24 or can answer yes to one of the other qualifying questions (married, grad student, supporting a child, etc.) That is the purpose of those questions.</p>

<p>For IRS purposes, it's more of a question whether you provided more than 50% of your own support. If you received significant financial aid and worked, then you may have. Really, the only thing you gain by filing taxes this way is that you get to take your personal exemption for federal and state taxes instead of having your parents claim you. Also, if you had qualified education expenses that you paid (either directly or with a loan in your name), you might be able to file for the the American Opportunity Tax Credit.</p>

<p>No one here can tell you anything about a tax refund as it's based on other factors. You should consult a tax advisor.</p>