Financial Aid Idoc

<p>I just sent in my FA forms for IDOC because my parents did not file before then. Is that ok? Will I be still eligible for any financial aid if I get in? I had already submitted my FAFSA and CSS before all the deadlines.</p>

<p>WOOT! Just like 1-2 Weeks before Admissions!!! GL to every1.</p>

<p>Hey, at least for ED kids, IDOC is due May 1... I think.</p>

<p>I got an email that was like "please send documents by May 1."</p>

<p>So, you should probably be fine... so I think.</p>

<p>As it states quite cleary in the Financial Aid web site on "How to Apply" for Freshman Applicants:</p>

<p>"It is important that you observe the deadlines as funding may not be available for late applicants."</p>

<p>JHU</a> Student Financial Services | Prospective Students | Freshman & Transfers | How to Apply</p>

<p>On the same page the following deadlines are listed:</p>

<p>CSS Profile for RD applicants: March 1st
FAFSA for RD applicants: March 1st
Tax returns to IDOC for RD applicants: POSTMARK MARCH 1ST</p>

<p>Finally, you should read this message ... on that same web site:</p>

<p>"If you are unable to submit a complete packet of required documents to IDOC by the deadline, you should contact your financial aid advisor by email to explain the circumstances. Your financial aid advisor will advise you on how to proceed. "</p>

Is it correct that the deadline is met as long a the documents were SENT before March 1? Even if they received them after March 1?
My parents sent their tax froms to iDOC priority mail in late February (26 or 27) and were told the docs will be delivered before March 1. But due to some reason College Board recieved them on March 3rd and posted them on March 5. Should I contact Johns Hopkins about this delay, or should I assume that I met the deadlie?</p>

<p>Contact your financial aid counselor directly. There shouldn't be a problem because it was a March 1st POSTMARK deadline for IDOC materials, but you just want to make sure.</p>