Financial Aid in Elizabethtown College

<p>Hey Guys,
As a prospective international student from overseas with no standardized test scores done other than TOEFL, Elizabethtown seemed like one of my few options; I am a Straight A's student. The problem is the maximum I can pay for college is $5000/year for the full cost of attendance (room, board, tuition and miscellaneous expenses). Is the financial aid office likely to offer me such a very generous scholarship if my application is highly competitive?
Also, is graduation from here with a 3.5+ GPA likely to get me a spot in an Ivy League Grad School?</p>

<p>the maximum scholarship of Etown is full tuition (Penny and Roe Stamps Scholarship) which means you still have to pay for the room and board, about at least $8,000/year. And the full tuition scholarship alone is very competitive. With your financial contribution of $5,000/year, I think you should apply for colleges that offer full ride scholarship like Reed, Bard, Lehigh, Providence,... if your profile is highly competitive. Especially, Providence College is a SAT-optional institute and you have no standardized test so you are at no disadvantage. hope this helps!</p>