Financial Aid in Tennessee

<p>I am a sophomore at The University of Tennessee. I'm looking for some more scholarships (duh). I've only gotten The Hope scholarship and I am applying for institution scholarships this coming up semester, but I am looking for some outside help. I plan on majoring in English, Special Education (Deaf Education) as well as a minor in Secondary Education. My GPA is 3.79 and I did just finish two 200 Honors level English courses if that counts for anything. </p>

<p>I found the Tennessee Teaching Scholars program, which offers to pay full tuition, but even so, it got me thinking, I'd like to have more. Esp. since it's not guaranteed money at all, and I'll be calling TSAC soon to ask if I am eligible. My high school grades were fine (standard classes mostly, 3.5 GPA) and I only had a 23 on my ACT, so I wasn't sure how well I would fit into my college classes, but thus far, I've excelled far greater than any of my friends, yet they have more aid than me. I'm not a minority, and while I don't know how much money my parents make exactly, I'm pretty sure it's too much for any need-based scholarships. So I'm looking for merit. Is there something I'm missing? I want to become a teacher, possibly in a field that is lacking people. Surely there is something out there that I can apply for, but beyond what is mentioned, I find nothing that I can qualify for.</p>

<p>I forgot to mention, my father is a government employee, so I do get the 25 percent tuition exemption. I know my scholarship money coming in seems pretty good, but I still pay 5,000 a semester at this point and would love any help in my search for funding. Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear back from you all.</p>

<p>The best people to talk to are your school's FA office. They can tell you what scholarships are available for which you would be eligible.</p>