Financial Aid Income Tax Info

<p>The website says that I have to use our 2011 income tax information, but my parents didn't start the 2011 tax information yet. So am I allowed to use the 2010 information for now? My college counselor at my school told me to just use the 2010 tax returns.</p>

<p>Are you talking about FAFSA? If so, yes you can use estimates based on year end statements, paystubs, and 2010 tax returns but you'll indicate a "will file" status. When your folks have their tax returns finished then you'll have to update your FAFSA with final figures and amend the tax status.</p>

<p>Are you an incoming freshman? If so, please make sure your parents know that schools have filing deadlines for financial aid and it usually best to get taxes done as early as possible. The school needs time to prepare your FA package and many schools have limited funds to award.</p>