<p>My GPA is 3.68 or in our countrys grading system 92% (over a 100)
SAT is 2100 (Im debating whether to retake it)
Course I want to take is either Economics or Communications or Business</p>

Freshman and Sophomore Class Officer
Co founded the School Spirit Council (Different from Student Council)
Co Head of Spirit Squad
Part of many different socio civic orgs and does many volunteer work
Yearbook Committee - Co Editor
Debate Varsity
Writer of the School Newspaper
Assistant Director of Asian Musical Play which I also starred in as the Lead Antagonist
Lead Actor in the School Play 2012
Relations Officer of the Music Ministry and the Lectors & Servers Guild
Relations Officer of the Explore Science Club
Relations Officer of the Sports Club
Volunteer in the Village Youth Organization
and many others i dont have the list now </p>

<p>Schools I want to apply to are:
University of Chicago
Vanderbilt University
University of Richmond
Colby College
Washington and Lee University
College of Wooster
St. Lawrence University
Colgate University</p>

<p>Not sure yet:
Kenyon College/Carleton College
Trinity College/ Smith College
Connecticut College/Bates College</p>

<p>^^ Do these schools give good financial aid to international students? And do I have chance with my grades, score and extracurricular activities?</p>

<p>Also who would like to volunteer to read my essay and critique it?

<p>Some of the schools on your list give need based aid only. This would be dependent on your parents' and your incomes and assets.</p>

<p>Your GPA and test scores are not that competitive for an Int'l student at the schools that give great aid to int'ls.</p>

<p>What is your situation? As Thumper mentions, most (maybe all) of those schools only give need based aid based on family finances (and I don't think all of those meet need for int'ls...and some may be "need aware".)</p>

<p>At need aware schools, I doubt that you'd be accepted if you have lots of need. </p>

<p>You might consider applying to some schools that will give merit for your stats IF your family can pay some of your costs since merit scholarships will not cover all costs.</p>

<p>As a domestic student, DD didn't get into U of C with higher stats and significant EC's. You, as an international student, may have a rougher time getting ing, especially if you need FA.</p>

<p>To everyone: My family can pay at most 10,000 dollars. Will applying ED/EA to any of this schools heighten my chances?</p>

<p>Not if you need to cover the rest of your costs with FA at need aware schools. International students have to be able to prove that they can fund their entire year.</p>