Financial Aid Letter?

Has anyone received their financial aid letter yet? I applied EA and the website is vague on when they will send them out. It varies from February to Mid-February. I’m OOS so I don’t know if it is taking longer to send but I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat. I keep checking the portal hoping it will update there but nothing has been showing up.

We are OOS also and haven’t received one. I talked to Financial aid last week and said that they will send out at end of Feb. We are visiting on March 5 and she said that we would definitly have it by then. What is your major? We are from PA

We got a letter today with two awards. essentially 9000 per year oos

We got our letter last week too. Went to admitted student day and they mentioned engineering scholarships would be going out mid March at the academic session yet when I talked to FA they said everything should be on your package. SO who knows!!!