Financial aid letters


<p>My daughter has applied to and been accepted to St. Mike's, St. A's, Salve, and Merrimack. She received non-binding financial aid award letters from the other three (pending tax returns) but has not heard anything from St. Mike's (her first choice). Can you tell me what the timeline is for notification? She applied early action to all four back in the fall.</p>



<p>Hello Sean–</p>

<p>We’re happy to hear that we are your daughter’s first choice. We also completely understand the important role that financial aid plays in the ultimate decision process.</p>

<p>Students who applied early action I and II will be receiving their financial aid letter by mid-late March.</p>

<p>Feel free to contact our Office of New Student Aid directly you have more specific questions: 802-654-3243</p>

<p>If you haven’t already completed the FAFSA, our deadline is February 15 for Saint Michael’s.</p>

<p>Kind regards,</p>

<p>Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission</p>