Financial Aid/Merit

Anyone know when this information will be provided? Will it not be until April even for EA?

My D just received a letter today saying they will give a $1,000 merit scholarship for year one. Not a ton, but nice given the very reasonable in state tuition!

I just got a letter today saying I got $8,000 per year as an OOS student.

Great! What other schools are you considering?


I think I’m mainly looking at four colleges. One of them is Western. The other three are UMass Amherst (instate), Florida Southern, and Montana State. I also applied to Puget Sound and got a $23k per year scholarship and got waitlisted from UW Seattle

Puget Sound is a good school but the Tacoma area can be a little rough.

I guess you like the western part of WA state?

@JBSeattle , just wondering if you have any other thoughts on the Tacoma area, as you mentioned in your post a while ago? My son is looking at Puget Sound and WWU.

Downtown Tacoma has improved, couple restaurants that I like. Puget Sound University is interesting I that one side of the school’s surrounding area is a lot better than the other. Tacoma has some definite so-so areas. One lovely benefit of Tacoma is the great view of Mt. Rainier.

Bellingham is nicer but might feel small if he is used to a really big city. Bellingham has some neat breweries, very outdoorsy, great scenery, and near bay between USA and Canada.

D20 received a snailmail letter today offering merit scholarship. (Just wanted to keep this thread on topic in case others are looking for info on timelines/notification process in the future.) She’d applied EA and received admission in mid November.