Financial Aid Notices

Let’s say I was accepted into a college, but I haven’t decided that I want to go there. Would they mention on the acceptance letter any AP credits or financial aid I would receive, both need and non-need? Or would I have to contact the school, or decide to go there in order to find out?

Thank you for any help!

If you applied for financial aid, and/or scholarships, such schools will notify you of your awards once you have been accepted in accordance to their schedules. It can vary as to when any given school will release such packages. The packages should be presented before you have to make the commitment to attend. Otherwise, how would you know whether a school is financially possible for you.

Sometimes with early Action or Rolling Admissions, you may get the financial packages much later, such as when all of the later applicants are so notified. If you want to commit earlier, or want to see if you can move things along sooner, call the schools and see if they will let you know sooner.

Schools will not inform you of your personal AP credit situation at the time admission is offered. That will come at a later date, and each school has its own timing on that.

None of the schools to which any of my kids enrolled said anything about AP or college courses taken. They had to submit the scores again and request credit for them. In the case of some college courses, they had to find comparable courses at the college where they were enrolling to get credit. There was nothing automatic about the process.

That’s not to say that there are not schools that will take these things in hand, but do be aware that this may not be automatic.

In many cases, the information about credit for AP, CLEP, IB, and other exams is right on the college/university website. You should be able to find this information by searching the website using terms like AP exam credit.

Although in our specific cases, the information was clearly on the websites as to what tests, test scores And courses were accepted for credit, each of my kids had to go through specific processes to get credit for tests and courses at their colleges. Sometimes it was an ordeal. It was never automatic. It took right up to graduation in one case because kid wasn’t right on top of process.