financial aid notification?

<p>I received an email notifying me about a financial aid update (I assumed because I recently corrected my fafsa), but now the My Aid Award section says "Your financial aid award is not available. Please check My Aid Application Status to make sure your file is complete and no additional documents have been requested or returned to you. You will receive notification from us once your award information is available." And it also requests documents.</p>

<p>It used to display my award and now that my fafsa was corrected could the award be changed? My EFC was significantly lower...</p>

<p>Should I call them? Ugh, but they never pick up.</p>

<p>Were you asked for verification? If you were, that could be the reason. You won't get to see your financial aid award until you submit the requested documents and they review it. Depending on the information you input on the FAFSA and the information that you submit for verification, your financial aid award my change. I'm really worried as well because they just asked for verification from me as well. ): However, my documents have been pending for the longest time ever...</p>

<p>yeah they requested verification for documents...does this mean I have a chance at getting some aid? Prior to my fafsa correction, the My Aid Award had the Net Cost and my "gift" was 0. I hope this changes things...</p>

<p>Wait so your "My Aid Award" was the total of the Net Cost? Or you didn't get any aid at all?</p>

<p>It will change when they compare what you reported on the FAFSA to the documents you submit. If your income (or some other determining factor?) is significantly higher than what was reported, your aid award may be lower than what was stated. I'm not sure if it also works the same way backwards... but I'd assume that it would.</p>

<p>I'm having a similar problem. OFAS hasn't responded to my phone calls btw. And I've applied for Summer Financial Aid . . . the deadline is June 1st to accept it and nothing shows up in My Aid. This is upsetting.</p>

<p>At first, I didn't get any aid at all. It said zero when I clicked "My Aid Award."
Since I updated my fafsa that message comes up saying that I need to verification and the numbers indicating the cost and aid don't show up. I'm assuming it changed?</p>

<p>xxsteelxx :: I'm having the same problem as well. If they choose to drastically change my aid award I may not attend UCI at all! o_o I wouldn't want to spend $180 for SPOP and $350 for the housing deposit only to find out that I'm not going to UCI after all... and the deadline for those are coming up fast. |: So I'm pretty worried as it is that they won't tell me my adjusted (if any) aid before that time comes! It'd be such a waste of money...</p>

<p>youshallnot :: First, you have to send in whatever forms they are requesting. If you don't, you may not get any financial aid at all. Now after the verification they'll determine if you'll get aid. It may or may not change - that's why they need verification.</p>

<p>I just visited the OFAS recently and they told me that the deadline is actually between June 1 and June 18. So it is okay to accept <em>summer</em> financial aid between these dates. </p>

<p>@youshallnot: you should send in the vertification a.s.a.p. They requested a vertification from me as well. </p>

<p>@parfait: I reccommend visiting their office to clear up any confusion if you can. Otherwise send them an email a.s.a.p. because they can take up to 10 business to answer. Their email is <a href=""></a> </p>

<p>I think visiting their office is the best way to solve any problems. They reviece a lot of phone calls and emails.</p>

<p>Well, I called a few days ago and they told me they won't actually be reviewing the verification information until next week... so that means I probably won't know until after the housing deposit is due. =__= I sure hope paying all this money won't be a waste... I mean, I'd visit their office but Irvine's a tad bit too far for me to drive down just for that. D:</p>

<p>Well, your verification information should be the same as what you put on your FAFSA! So if it is the same, the price to attend UCI should be the same.</p>