Financial Aid Notifications?

<p>Did anyone accepted hear about financial aid notification timeline or scholarships?</p>

<p>D hasn't heard anything yet. We're in FL.</p>

<p>Thanks, Sunni68. We are in NY. I guess D will hear around Apr 1. Good luck to you & your D.</p>

<p>We got our FA award on Friday.... the worst one of 7 schools applied to. Guess D is not going here.... very sad.</p>

<p>D got hers today. It was not very promising. She is a little bummed out, because she'd been so excited about being accpeting into the nursing program. She also has had her heart set on attending a Catholic school-of of which are very expensive. However, I just don't want her to start off her life with so much debt. No easy choices here. . .</p>