Financial Aid or Scholarship or Neither?

<p>Hi, Ill be applying as a freshman to UMich.
I have been hearing from other students that if I apply for either financial aid or scholarship, I have less chance of getting into whichever university (especially since I'm an international...also because Umich isnt a safety for me but more like a match).
If I really want my chances to be higher, is it safer for me to NOT apply for finaid or scholarship? thank you :)</p>

<p>If you're an international, chances are the school won't give you any money anyway. One of the requirements of attending UMich as an international student is that you already have the sufficient funds to attend the school.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply!</p>

<p>i believe michigan doesnt give financial aid to intl students, double check in tho, im not sure if that excludes merit scholarships as well. And I know a few intl friends who pay full sticker price.</p>

<p>Well, considering you are an international student, you will most likely not have the ability to apply for FAFSA. That said, need based aid is kindof out of the question. However, there may be some merit scholarships around, nothing from UofM I believe.</p>