Financial Aid Package Renewal

<p>I'll be a junior this year but it'll be my second year at BU. Does anyone know how financial aid packages are renewed? I need exactly the same amount of aid, but my GPA went down from 3.35 in the fall to a cumulative 2.9 in the spring, so I'm not sure if there'll be a reduction in my aid package even though I meet all the renewal criteria on the website.</p>

<p>You should call and speak to them, but if you make the reqs and your demonstrated need is the same then historically the package stays the same.</p>

<p>Thanks. Is there anybody here whose financial aid actually got reduced?</p>

<p>It can be possibly reduced since you are in the 2 range and I know of some people who had their aid reduced but its not consistent between the people i know. If it does get changed, it might go down 0$ to several hundred to couple thousands. Just wait it out</p>