Financial Aid Packages for Returning Undergraduates

<p>Just wondering if anyone knows when our financial aid packages will be available (be in online or in the mail). I tried searching online with no luck, and I know they're not posted on Vanderbilt's page yet (Vanderbilt</a> University office of Financial Aid: Bulletin - "Go to My Personal Financial Aid link"). Does anyone know?</p>

<p>Well I don't know if THEY even know. I called at the end of May, and they said sometime in June, but I got an email in my Vandy account that said July to early August....</p>

In early July and August, you will receive a paper invoice and an electronic bill notification to your Vanderbilt e-mail address reflecting fall semester 2010 charges due, including anticipated financial aid awards.


Maybe that means that we'll get the paper invoice in July and e-bill in August? I hope.</p>

<p>Gaaaah. That's so late. Other schools are getting them like this week.</p>

<p>I usually got them in mid or late July</p>

<p>Last year we got D's in mid-June. Hope they are ready soon - it's hard to plan without knowing how much aid she will be getting. We have another in college this year, so I don't really know what the package is going to look like.</p>

<p>They're going out in waves right now, I spoke to the aid office.</p>

<p>Does anyone here have a completed package yet?</p>

<p>Called VU last Friday. Was told that they were mailing out information "end of June"</p>

<p>Okay - time to resurrect this thread. Has anyone heard yet?</p>

<p>I got mine the other day. Weird thing is that there was some sort of scholarship/grant included in my package that I never applied for. Whatever. Free money, I'll take it.</p>

Sometimes you get an unexpected gift. The last 2 years, D got a $400 award at the VU Bookstore in the spring semester as part of a group of (I think) 200 students who were not receiving any assistance beyond moderate tuition grants/loans/etc.</p>

<p>I got a lot more than 400. About 5600 more.</p>

<p>I should specify, I haven't gotten my package through the mail yet. I checked my package online.</p>

<p>Lucky you! Congrats!</p>

<p>once again I remembered why I love vandy :)</p>

<p>My D has had a very large scholarship she didn't apply for on her financial aid page for about a month. But I don't think the package is complete, because she should be getting a grant in addition to that ... we have two in college next year, and the scholarship isn't for as much as we received in need based aid with just her in school. That is why I am wondering. If that is all she is getting, we are in trouble. I don't want to panic prematurely, though, in case more will appear in the package.</p>

<p>Ohhh ... just logged into her account & her package is complete. It's wonderful! :)</p>

<p>Great, well I hope I'm the only one who got screwed over. We'll be paying 4k more per year unless I can appeal out of it, since we can't pay that much more.</p>

<p>edit --- we didn't make any more money this year, our assets went down, etc. I have no idea why aid decreased.</p>