Financial Aid Packages

Anyone know how we get them? The acceptance letter said late January, but will there be any notification and will it all be at once? Or should I just check often and will they be released in batches?

Also, the “required documents” still says they need my FAFSA, student tax return, and business tax return. I sent my FAFSA and I know they check those later. However, I did not work, so therefore there is no student tax return. On BC’s website, I found it said that students will get a verification form in May(?) to confirm they have no tax return or something like that. Does that mean I will still get a financial aid package in January even though it still says required?

Also, I already sent in the business tax returns. The weird part is they have received everything else from me, but this is the only one that still says required and it was sent along with everything else. Does anyone else still have this as required?

here’s the ‘verification’ form to mark that you don’t file and don’t have to. You can send it in now, or wait until later. Any award that they make by the end of the month will be conditional on all the forms coming in as you suggested in your app.

It takes awhile for FinAid to update Agora even tho they have the forms. But if you are concerned, you can e-mail Student Services and inquire if they have received the forms.

@bluebayou Thank you! I did not find that form for some reason. I remember having to do something similar for the IDOC. I can just put zeroes for everything and submit right? And just to clarify, I can still get a financial aid package this month(late January) even if that non tax filers form was not sent already?

Either zero or, "N/A"as per the instructions.


Also, will we be notified when financial aid packages will be released or it is something I should just check often?

I got accepted into BC EA and after reviewing their website, it says that we will be notified by email that the financial aid packages have been uploaded to the Agora portal.