Financial Aid/Paying for College

How are you guys going to pay for college after you transfer.

Have you saved up money, got your parents, applying for fin aid, got scholarships, going to work part time, going to live in the co-op, and any other possibility out there?

I’m in a weird situation since my parents make enough that I do not qualify for aid, however they are not assisting in my college costs (except for living at home for free for the next month)

I went to CC for 2 years, and worked for 1.5 of those years, so I do have some money saved. I plan on working while I’m at UCLA so I can have some money to live on. I eat a lot of vegetable Ramen, I rarely go to the movies, and I save some money there. Its not exactly fun, but I do have an immense pride that I’m funding my own education.

However, I’m still going to have about 25k in loans when I graduate :frowning:

The plan you make is dependent on your EFC. The general rule is the total (all years) amount of debt you have should not exceed your anticipated starting salary, e.g. I expect to make no less than $55k, so my total debt should be less than that. (FWIW, it will be much less.)

My parents struck a deal with me that if I get into UC Berkeley, they will pay for my tuition the whole time i’m there. But UC Berkeley is effing hard to get into, so I don’t know if it will happen. It would be nice to not be in debt. I’m unemployed right now, so with what my husband makes plus the nothing I make, I will probably get an okay amount of financial aid hopefully. I plan on working part time when I transfer, on top of any (unpaid) research positions I can find. I hope, if I get into UC Davis, UCLA, or UCB, I can qualify for the Blue and Gold Plan.

@boxandwhiskers if you and your husband make less than 80k, you’ll qualify.

My husband and I make much less than 80k and have three dependants. We’re “lucky” and the college costs will be covered by financial aid and scholarships. The remaining costs for living and what not will be paid for by me working at least part time while my husband goes to school, and taking out what we’re offered in loans ($8000).